Monday, 17 September 2007

Just for Jane

This message is for Jane who is in hospital - with new hip!! Caroline arrived this morning by taxi-thought it was an all day sew-in!!! Here now are Angela, Sandra, Trish , Ann, and Imogen. Sharon to follow, Jonathan permitting! We all send love and will be thinking of you as we scoff coffee and walnut shortbread-recipe to follow soon!Over to Trish---

When we know where you'll be, we'll come to terrorise you, hopefully with Caroline with photos of the wedding. That's if she ever gets over today's abortive attempt.

Now it's Anne ...... We are on standby with the Marigolds!!! Glad you've had it done.

Sandra .... Lots of love, I'm good at shopping... forget the marigolds.

Angela .... We are off tomorrow, see you at the end of the week, love........

Imogen....Night night sleep tight or good morning from the CLOUDS/PRIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Angela said...

This is Jane's message.
'You couldn't have thought of a funnier and happier way to cheer me up. It worked beautifully. Thank you all. And, no, I don't do Marigolds either! Jane.'