Thursday, 18 September 2008

Flowery Scissors and Dotty Cards

I bought these dotty cards last December at a Private View that Sharon generously gave for our friend Caroline.
Becky, another of Sharon's friends had a selection of cards for sale, and they really appealed to me. Now I find she has some absolutely delightful designs on her new website dots and spots.
As well as Caroline's Christmas Goodies, (I can never resist the small, decorated bags she makes, which I use for gift bags) Sharon had made some little gingerbread men tree ornaments, made of cloth, not gingerbread. I am glad I quickly bagged one as they sold out so quickly.
Sharon brought these flowery scissors and rotary cutter back from her recent trip to the USA to see her family, aren't they fantastic, as well as the muffin cases which I wrote about in the recipe blog. I've not seen anything like them over here, but have to admit that I am trying to be fairly blinkered when I go shopping these days, being now a 'retired person'.

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Sharon said...

Becky,from dots and spots, was delighted to have a comment posted on her website about being posted on this blog!! I only wish that same person had also left a comment here!!!