Monday, 1 October 2007

"sewing day"

Today we had another of our fab "sewing" days - not all of us actually sew - well I don't anyway! Ann and Sandra were missed and Jane phoned to wish us well and to let us know how she is getting on - I am happy to report that she sounded in good spirits and was looking forward to lunch and rest after physio.
I love having everyone at my house for my turn as much as I love going to the homes of the others -we eat, drink loads of coffee and laugh.
We've been working on baby quilts and now have 14 nearly ready to go! They are beautiful. Angela took some photos of them today and I'm sure they'll turn out well.

I'm trying very hard to sew every day. At the moment I love working with wool felt (after long Google sessions I have found an English web source) and primitive embroidery. Being an American, I adore Halloween and have made this little applique for myself - it's a freebie pattern from, a prim website. The more I look at these prim sites, the more inspired I become and am even working on designs of my own!
Angela very kindly took a photo for me - thanks Angela. The little triangle shapes are meant to be "candy corn," something my children and I still crave after 15 years!!


Angela said...

Doesn't the Hallowe'en sampler look good, I'll be looking up the pattern!!

Angela said...

Second thoughts, you couldn't do any sewing Sharon, you were too busy serving us regular cups of coffee, slices of delicious streusel cake, as well us preparing lunch for us all...lasagne!