Thursday, 15 May 2008

Blocks of a Quilter's Life

My finished quilt came about when my very good friend suggested we do a workshop to pass on what we had learned since picking up our very first fat quarter!

The beginning

I used fabric left over from Daughter No. 1's wedding quilt, only buying the backing.

It was fun looking through my buttons to see if I had enough to put onto the yellow block sashing. I put a lot of feelings into this quilt, looking back over my sewing years and how far I had come.

We held our workshop one sunny day in a local school with our one lady who came. We decided not to be disappointed but to give as much knowledge as we could. It was lovely to find someone who was so eager to learn, having never made quilts.

What a lovely day it turned out to be!

The payment from the workshop went to pay for the hall, but we were not feeling flat, quite the opposite, we felt elated!

Since the workshop our student has gone on the make half a dozen quilts with such enthusiasm.

The finished quilt

To those of you out there who are struggling to get someone to recognise you, don't give up! It's always a wonderful, warm feeling to pass on what you have learnt.