Thursday, 21 February 2008

Hello I'm Sandra

Hello I'm Sandra

Since moving here from London ten years ago and retiring from full time teaching in a tough inner city school I have discovered the joys of country crafts. I really enjoy making quilts and working on other handicrafts.

By happy chance I've met up with a lot of people and eight of us meet regularly to sew,cook, eat,and gossip, we also have lots of trips and other activities .We laugh a lot and enjoy each others company. I hope to photograph some of my quilts and wallhangings to put on our blog


Claire said...

Hello! Did you have fun writing your first blog? Oh! I just noticed you've added my blog to your list. Thank you! Love Claire. xx

Sandra said...

thanks for the master class last thursday enjoyed it and the soup! got my sewing machine out now so am all ready to begin another project Sandra.