Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Over Blue Yonder

My ships quilt was made from scraps. Left over from previous projects.

Poor thing had been stuffed in a drawer for 2 years! All blocks were finished waiting to be lovingly put together. Once started I found it hard to put down, there were other quilts needed planning and sewing like 5 puff quilts, might I add, all for lovely babes that were blessed to couples, friends of daughters 1 and 2.
The Quilt was an inspiration of my childhood, the beautiful blue sky and visits to the seaside. RicRac resembling the Water, Pearl Buttons:- sea shells, also Buttons and Shiska mirrors for portholes.
While sewing on the puffs my dearest friend said they looked like limpets, just the thing for a seaside theme!

With my love of Buttonhole Stitch it just finished off the quilt lovely.
I'm very pleased with the Results. One UFO Done!

GanGan's latest seaside memory!

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