Friday, 19 June 2009

All Things White and Beautiful

My garden at night under a blanket of freshly falling snow. I couldn't go to bed for gazing at it's beauty - every twig and tiny ledge accentuating the garden's architecture.

Snowdrops in my garden early in the year - exquisite! A surge of life and hope from the death of winter; the Master Gardener at work.

Roses from my husband for St. Valentine's Day - ever the romantic at 71!

These are no ordinary cupcakes! These are ANGELA'S cupcakes - mixed and baked by Angela, in Angela's kitchen. ( read in sexy voice!) Thankyou Angela for an idyllic morning.

I should have published this blog in February but my life was taken up with the difficult journey of a very special human being and dear friend Jan. I dedicate it to her memory - she had SUCH a ZEST for life in all it's richness, it's joys and sorrows, it's beauty, humour and ultimate mystery.

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