Monday, 16 February 2009

Chasing Rainbows

When I decided to post this picture I thought I would accompany it with a line or two about rainbows from some romantic poem or other. For a country that has a lot of rain there seems to be a singular dearth of positive thoughts about rainbows. It's all about chasing rainbows, rainbow's end, somewhere over the rainbow!

This was the most distinct rainbow photo I have ever taken, and it seemed to end in the field below us. I didn't rush out to look for the pot of gold, maybe I should have done, but the sheer delight of it appearing to be so close was it's own reward.


Imogen said...

Love this photo. Seeing a rainbow is like hearing the cuckoo-Magic!

Imogen said...

Must get round to making some bags to lighten up my favourite and most worn colour-black! Have the fabric for the first(pink)given to me by my dear friend Jan who made lots of farewell bags for her friends before she left us all.I have seen this bag worn with the perfect accompanyment of coat,skirt etc on the shoulder of a very stylish lady!!!