Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Sponge Bob and Square Pants!

Caroline's Post
The Wedding Quilt
Started Planning and Sewing Blocks:- March 2007
Finished Wedding Quilt top:- 24th June 2007
Finished Quilt:- September 2007
Note:- 9th July 2007 - I have been to the hospital to see the Consultant. He is operating on my Left Hand taking out a Bone also Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (too much sewing!). Believe it or not on Friday 13th. Asks me are you superstitious? Is the Pope Catholic? thinks me.
Will be in a cast for 4 weeks, then a plastic cast for a further 6 weeks.
With great determination I manage to finish machine quilting and quilt edges! forgot how difficult this can be, but the challenge was worth it.
First week of September I finished the Wedding Quilt, ready for the Big Day. September 15th 2007
I started planning Daughter No. 1's Wedding Quilt while trying to finish machine quilting Nemo! She was brought up with Sunbonnet Sue and Calico Joe on most of my quilts. I have always been crazy for these characters and have numerous patterns and books. Looking through my books I found an idea for a wedding block. (Having got rid of my Art Deco Book, with the pattern in it, stupid!) I searched for a similar one. Good Luck came with "Sunbonnet Sue is Alive and Well", on the back of the book was just what I was looking for.
The problem I found the most hard was trying to buy fabric that I don't normally work with as I love Bright Fabric.
Having settled on 12 fat quarters I thought would be OK for her, I sneaked some bright yellow in!
The Bondaweb and cutting plus fusing on 8 oblongs and 16 small oblongs took me forever! Sewing with the DMC No 8 threads was the most satisfying thing I found (Relaxing Heaven).
Daughter No. 1 has decided she will on no account see any stage of the quilt being made. The Best bit that makes me laugh was when I finished the top of the Quilt and I was ironing the edges. She came through to my workroom backwards, asking for paper scissors shouting "I don't want to see it"
It reminded me of someone backing out of a room after an audience with the Queen!
My mate Jane took to Midsomer Quilting for a trip to buy backing and maybe a few fat quarters if any money was left over. To my delight I searched and found some fabric for £3.00 a metre, with five and a half metres left on the roll it was plenty for backing. Oh! what a joy! That cost me £15.00 so after choosing some already delicious fat quarters, I went off to find some more.
A Quilter in a fabric shop is like a child in a sweetie shop.
Now I just need a sunny day for drying the backing fabric.
Son-in-law has named the characters 'Sponge Bob and Square Pants' so that will go on the label when finished.
Machine Quilted in YLI. Variegated thread named 'The Red Hat Club', very apt for the Quilter being over 50.
Emma & Ade Note ......... I hope you both enjoy the story and the Quilt. It has been a joy and Challenge to make and brought me hours of fun! Love Ma. September 2007

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