Saturday, 9 February 2008

Recovering Addict

This is very hard for me to admit, but, I am addicted to the cult of All Things Martha.
I struggle each month NOT to buy her magazine, only to give in and make the purchase. Well, today is the 9th of February and I have NOT given in yet! Don't get me wrong - I HAVE been to the news agent, I HAVE flipped through a copy (more than once), I HAVE coveted this month's issue with the lovely Valentine themed cover, and so far I HAVE been strong!!! I must be strong, I can feel it calling out to me!
I began collecting Martha almost as soon as it became available in England - not easy at first due to the fact that my "local" had only two or so available copies. It became a competition to me - who would get there first? Me or my unknown rivals? I just had to win! The lady in the shop asked me if I would like to take out a subscription to ensure my monthly fix. Oh no, no easy ride for me - I needed to feel like a winner on a monthly basis! I nearly always succeeded - YES INDEED!
As my collection grew, I went out and bought Laura Ashley magazine holders so that my collection could be stored stylishly - grouped by months rather than in purchase order.
So, needless to say, I am having withdrawal symptoms - I haven't even looked at the website yet - well that's a lie, because how would the link have appeared here?!
I won't bore you with stories of how I watch hours of Martha videos from her web, or how I bring photos of her with me when I have my hair cut, or how my husband sarcastically refers to me as Martha when I'm baking or sewing - no! I must try and stop this now!
So wish me luck. I've got a new addiction now - collecting sewing blogs! I barely even read them, it's just that the pictures are so lovely - more on that another time!

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Angela said...

Best ever entry, Sharon, complete knock-out