Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Secret Pocket Lady

I had lots of fun last week making this "Secret Pocket Lady" skirt! 
My job share Karen borrowed one of these skirts, also called "The Walking Lucky Dip," a few years ago. We took turns wearing it at our school's annual Summer BBQ.
Karen had to return the skirt and I never quite got around to making one, as promised.
That is until this year!  
The skirt  was made using fabric up-cycled from some classroom drapes and a few new quarter metres of  "brights" for pockets with some flowers bonded on top. The finishing touch - lime green ribbon! There was also a bright patchwork bandanna to add to the overall "look."

How it works: 
The skirt has 20 pockets, each containing a prize. For the price of 20p, the child chooses any pocket and receives a surprise!

Karen and I had lots of fun taking turns wearing the skirt, raising a bit of money for our school and seeing the children's faces when they realised that the lady wearing a funny outfit that day was a teacher!