Saturday, 1 May 2010

Red and White Yo-Yo Quilt

A couple of years ago I saw a picture of a quilt similar to this at  Gooseberry Patch and fell in love with it! I simply felt I had to have one and then, typical me, put it to the back of my mind.

The Clover yo-yo maker craze was becoming big news here in England and so I gave it a try - it was so much quicker and easier than the "old fashioned" way which I found tedious.

I love red and white fabric - I "just"  happen to have a huge stash of it that gets replenished at every opportunity.  And so began my days of yo-yo making.

I decided my quilt would need 400 of theses round beauties  and divided my quilt into quarters - 100 yo-yo's in each.
It took quit some time and 800 pins to get the balance of colour and pattern right - but I have to say it was such a pleasure to see it spread out on the table!

Then came the hours of happily watching Poirot and appliqueing the yo-yo's by hand onto the white fabric.

For the backing, I knew I wanted red and white ticking. I was fortunate enough to find the "real thing" at my local fabric shop - and, as luck would have it, it was soft rather than stiff!

Next, I tie quilted alternate yo-yo's into place with red pearl cotton, the ties showing on the back.

My biggest worry in making the quilt was marking the white fabric ready for quilting!
I used a Hera Marker, another fab product from Clover. "Easy to handle tracing spatula allows you to place pressure when marking on fabric. Perfect for quilting and sewing". Truer words have never been written!
Again, using pearl cotton, I quilted the border in simple straight lines and got the "look" that I wanted!
Rather than traditional binding, I used my favourite method of folding in the edges to finish the quilt .

My labour of love took 400 yo-yo's and two years to complete! I enjoyed EVERY minute of it - it was so much fun that I even made several cushions!


Angela said...

I love this quilt, and the explanations you've put with it.

Sharon said...

Thanks Angela -I want to make a real effort with this blog now that I have a camera and computer that at the same time!

MandeeFranee said...

WOW!!! That is GORGEOUS!!! Seriously AMAZING quilt!! I so wish this was a skill I had!

Sarah said...

We want you to bring over when we both return next week plus Sarah's first quilt. LOVE this quilt. It is a work of art.Imogen

free indeed said...

THat is so gorgeous! I was just given a bunch of solid red and white yoyos. Am looking for ideas of how to use them. Thanks for the inspiration!

emily said...

I've been working on a red an white yoyo quilt for about 7 years. Your's looks awesome. Also, what size is it? I'm just trying to figure out how close I want my yoyos together. Did you applique the yoyos just onto a plain white fabric?

one other question, that poppy fabric is SO cute. Is it marimekko, by chance?